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HedgehogTwins 5218 Sylvanian Families

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The puppys Hedgehog by Sylvanian Families! Two new arrival in the family!

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Product Description

The twins of the Hedgehog Sylvanian Families, two new arrival in the family, two new friends of games for the other puppies. The Sylvanian babies are a little smaller of the family, about 5 cm, but they are all to cuddle!

Attention to detail, the Sylvanian Families are sweet little animals that move arms and legs and you can undress and dress. A high quality product for the fun of your child. Also attractive for the girls who usually do not like houses for the dolls as sweet little animals all cuddly and fantastic to play. Discover all the characters and the endless accessories full of adventures in the magical world of measurement of Sylvanian Families!

Useful information:

  • Recommended age: 4 years or +
  • Package content: 2 puppys with feeding and pacifier
  • Size: 5 cm
  • Manufacturer: Sylvanian Families
  • Product code: 5218

Additional Information

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